Knowledge and information

Train the trainer

Transferring knowledge and information can be a significant challenge. Every organization experiences it at some point. Seasoned employees try to educate the more junior team members in their field, but somehow, they don’t seem to get it. Consultants and specialists who try to teach their product expertise to clients and account managers without seeing the results they’re looking for. What obstructs these communications? And how can you fix this?

Knowledge and perceptions

Transferring knowledge effectively

The way we transfer information is equally important as the information itself. To make sure that the essence of your story truly gets through to your audience, it is important that your message matches with your audience’s context, experience and interest. Are they rather technical? Feel free to share all substantial knowledge you have. Is this person eager to continue their work? Make sure you communicate solely the most important information.

From managing employees, to transferring horticultural information as a product specialist, the different ways people learn may present you with a verbal challenge. With our train the trainer trajectory, you will learn to quickly and effectively determine if your story resonates with your audience and how to adjust your communicating style or mode. You will learn to inspire employees and clients by making them aware of something they didn’t know before.

An example

When one product location operates successfully and a junior (crop)manager starts at a different location, how do you manage the quality on both locations? Train the trainer programs can contribute effectively to ensure identical processes are followed at both locations.


Preserve and share your knowledge

As an expert in your field no one knows better than you what knowledge should be secured and transferred within your organization. You notice the challenges that occur, and see which knowledge and experience are essential to develop on a day-to-day basis.

To efficiently share this knowledge, we guide you with an experienced trainer and a custom-made program. We brainstorm together to determine the companies’ objectives, develop a plan, design the necessary educational materials, and support you to successfully implement the new training. All employees that we train along the way, will repeat this training within your company. This way we contribute to creating efficient, future-proof, and self-learning organizations.

An example

A senior expert in the company knows everything about light. To ensure that this knowledge is transferred, it is important that the expert shares his knowledge, so that other employees can learn from it. However, how do you transfer that knowledge in such a way that it is understandable to everyone? How can you ensure that this knowledge is really integrated into the company?
By training the expert in ‘trainer and didactic skills’, he can better convey his story and find a connection with his audience. Together with him we make a training that really suits your employees and company.

Educational programs

Excel and innovate in learning

In addition to training employees, Beanstalk has a background in education. We develop educational programs and contribute to the schooling of students in agricultural studies at MBO Lentiz (vocational school), University of applied sciences Inholland and others.

We challenge attendees in a hands on manner, while learning by doing. A proven and effective method, both within education and corporate businesses. If you are curious about our training methods, let us know!

Train the trainer in your company

Are you looking for an effective way to educate your employees? Or do you want to create a durable, future-proof and self-learning organization? We would gladly tell you more about the ways our train the trainer program can support your organization. With this program  managers and contractors will learn the tricks of the trade within a short period of time.

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